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Escaping Alaska


Began work on on Escaping Alaska this week. You can check out a promo on TLC here. Also some press here, here and here.  “Leaving the Inuit community is considered treason, but these young Alaskans yearn to find out what life is like in the lower 48 states. Follow their journeys of self-discovery in this series.”  Premieres July 27, 10pm.

Some trailer updates

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Did some trailers for Cannes, Sundance, SXSW and other film fests. You can check ‘em out here.

10,000KM” (Starring one of the cast fromGame_of_Thrones) for Visit Films. “One year apart, with a continent between them, Alex and Sergi must rely on virtual communication to keep the flame of their relationship alive. But with their realities no longer shared and the touch of one another gone, the technology that has supposedly brought the world closer together may just tear them apart.”

She’s Lost Control“:  “The professional and personal life of a sexual surrogate begins to unravel when she starts working with a new client.”

I Won’t Come Back“:  “A young teacher fleeing an unfounded criminal charge goes on the run with an orphaned girl who is searching for her long-lost grandmother”