The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy (Paramount Network) is a documentary competition show that chronicles the lives of riders competing in the high-stakes sport of horse reining. The contenders are determined to elevate and preserve the cowboy tradition as they guide horses through precise patterns of circles, spins and stops. Run for a Million serves as the culmination of the series, where the riders compete for a $1 million purse.

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The 212

“Reality isn’t always pretty. It’s raw, relentless and unscripted. And that’s just how these self-made artists and entrepreneurs like it. Five up-and-coming New

 York City based culture-creators, OdalysPosterBoyMilkK$ACE and Dallas, are living their best life.

A life created daily by their talent, tenacity, authenticity and hyper-confident swag. The 212 gives us an unvarnished look at how they grind, succeed, fail and step

up to do it all again. The ability to deal with sacrifice, self-doubt, frustration and failure is just as important as success in their come up, but being followed by legit A-list talent also helps.

Watch The 212 premiering Tuesday, October 16 at 11:30PM only on Fuse.”

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